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Being an artist means being creative– producing, innovating, and perfecting your content all day, every day. But how do you account for everything you put online? How do you collect all your royalties and guarantee you're getting paid for your hard work?  As a successful artist manager and label CEO, I’ve had artists all over the world ask me how they collect all of their royalties and not just the streaming royalties they see from their distributor. Following the steps I outline in this guide you will be able to successfully earn music royalties from multiple sources including Spotify, YouTube, Film Music and Live Performances. I created this guide to help independent artists become more knowledgeable of not only the different types of royalties but how to collect them and also understand what percentages are fair so you get paid what you are worth!  But shhhh! This is somthing the major labels have tried to keep secret for years!



How to Claim all your Royalties as an Independent Artist

Excluding Sales Tax
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