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The Truth About The IG Blue Check!

If your an user on Instagram you have probably seen a significant amount of users with a blue check mark next to their user name. What does the blue check represent and why is it so important for users?

This blue check is also known as the Instagram verified sticker. Not only does it appear next to the account name but also appears in searches, and when the Instagram account owner comments on posts. This blue check is there to help ensure that users in the Instagram community are dealing with AUTHENTIC BRANDS and PEOPLE that they want to follow.

The blue check badge has one simple use, and that is to recognize the account as the brand's official profile. Instagram verification prevents impersonation, which is why it's reserved for CELEBRITIES, GLOBAL BRANDS and PUBLIC FIGURES.

Instagram offers a verificationvprogram for accounts that represent well known brands and influencers where there is a high likelihood of the account being impersonated. This is to ensure that users in the Instagram community are dealing with authentic brands and people that they want to follow.

In August 2018, Instagram first allowed users to request verification. For those who have the sticker, it means the platform has confirmed that the profile belongs to a public figure.

Because this blue check badge is very valuable to its users scammers have quickly caught on to making a quick dollar by charging high amounts of money claiming to give users a blue check. However, no one is able to just buy a blue check as the official blue check is only received from Instagram themselves. Don't waste your time or money trying to get a blue check from a scammer. Instead purchase our step by step guide with pictures to get verified the right way through

Instagram. We walk the user through the verification process while giving them helpful tips and tricks to make sure you successfully receive verification. In our guide we also out line the rules and regulations Instagram has in place to meet qualifications on receiving your blue check. Go to our guide HERE.


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