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When you register for membership with Chicago Executives, you will receive ALL the benefits of registering with a major label yet still staying independent! Chicago Executives is your core foundation to help guide you in your music career.  

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Chicago Executives Music and Talent management is one of the top artist development companies in the world for today’s music! Chicago Executives is a full service artist development firm with a global presence of both developing and establishing musicians, artists and digital media creators. Chicago Executives MTM was built upon the success of its owner, Elizabeth Johanson, specializing in entertainment-related publicity services. Using cutting edge tactics, Artist Development was established with the independent artist in mind.

The music industry has experienced unforeseen changes in the last decade, that has caused changes in the way music is created and consumed. There has been a shift in artist and record label business relations, as well as the artists individual responsibility in the music industry. With the music industry constantly evolving it is necessary for a firm to be able to offer their clients a variety of services to fit their needs that go beyond the traditional public relations. In addition to public relations, Chicago Executives MTM Artist development offers artists, with or without a label, the opportunity to manage a united image and brand across all sectors of development under one roof.


Our dedicated team of industry professionals bring a plethora of knowledge and experience to the table. We are committed to elevating the status and overall brand of each individual artist. Chicago Executives MTM prides itself on working intimately with each individual artist and their teams to provide a personalized strategic plan to help the client achieve their goals. From publicity to image consulting to radio promotions and everything in between, we promise to handle it all with professionalism, honesty, integrity and whole-hearted passion.