How Membership Works

When you register for membership with Chicago Executives, you will recieve ALL the bennifits of registering with a major label yet still staying independant! Chicago Executives is your core foundation to help giude you in your music career.  Let us show you how membership works!

Upon registration you will recieve our welcome packet via email. Once recieved you will email us everything nessasary to create a custome EPK (electronic press kit). We will dedicate a full page that you will recieve a custome link and email to give to anyone! Included in your welcome packet you will recieve a PROMO CODE only linked to you. This is what you will give to prespective artists, producers and more when creating and building your label.

Once you have a prospect registers for a yearly membership and uses the promo code you gave them, you will recieve the following;(You will recieve your kickback everytime they renew thier membership. On monthly memberships you will recieve $5.00 per month for every artist you sign.)

            1. $50 Bonus (per registered member) via PayPal, Cash App or Zelle

                $20 Bonus (per registered member) for anyone who registers under your members promo code. For Example:

                             You Register

                              Your Prospect Registers with your promo code = $50 Bonus

                               Your Prospect has 2 artists that register with his code= $20 x 2= $40

            2. When you have a prospect register with membership and your promo code, their name and label will be generated to your roster showing the artists, labels, DJ's, producers and more you have working under your label.

            3. As a registered member you will be able to distribute music for free! Just simply submit your music! We will distribute and only take 30% of streaming royalties! When you register/ add someone to your label using the promo code you will recieve 10% of streaming royalties for every song/ album they distribute! You will earn 5% royalties on 

distribution from whoever your artist signs up.


            4.  As an independant artist its important to have shares in publishing! Keep 70% of publishing! The other 30% is split equally between Chicago Executives and the label that you registered with using the promo code you were given. This is a huge opportunity to get your label off the ground and running!

             5.  Just becuase your independant doesn't mean we don't help you with the day to day tasks. If you have music related questions, need help reviewing any contracts we are here for you. We will still handel your overall managment needs and work side by side with any other managers you work with.

              6.    You will have members only access to;


                            Contracts and downloads, music directory, free playlist submissions, playlist directory, tour and performance openings and more! 

          Chicago Executives is here to help guide you and building your brand, label and name! We have a dedicated phone line to answer any questions or help you through making difficult decisions. (224)595-2842