Chicago Executives is a label, talent and managment company dedicated to nurturing independent artists in their development in the music industry.

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Chicago Executives makes it easy to be an independant artist, stay independant and create a successful label all on your own! We will give you all the tools needed to be successful in the music industry!

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Our Mission

Chicago Executives MTM is ran by a team of passionate music lovers in Chicago, since 2000. We are firm believers in discovering new independaent artists, nurturing their creativity and helping them to achieve sustainable success. We work with a diversity of independent artists across the musical spectrum, and endeavour to provide a one-stop shop for live music bookings, and private bookings. Loved by singed and independant artists alike! There is somthing for everyone!


We’ve got a dedicated in-house promoter that works side by side with our agents. For more information, contact the team directly. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions!

Independent Artists 

Are you looking to to stay an indepenent artist but make the right connections, distribute music and videos, sell merch and create your own label! We have a membership plan right for you!

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Artist Development

As an independent artist you need to know how to run the business side of your music. With our artist platuim membership you'll have everything you need to learn the ins and outs of registration, copyrights, playlisting, contracts and more!

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Music Directory

With your membership you will have access to a full directory of artists,

producers, labels, DJ's, videographers and more! Get listed and start making more money today!

Contracts and Downloads

With your membership get full access to PDF and Word downloads of contracts, confidenciality agreements and a wide array of music bussiness outlines. Never be in the dark again! Have full access to legally binding contracts for your use! 

Tour & Performance Openings

Book your own shows! With our list of tour and performance openings you get to decided what works for you! See a list of current openings to tour and perform around the country and the world!

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