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Chi Guy Clothing Company focuses on brand design, custom clothing and shoe design for the independent artist and their fans.

About Us

Chi Guy Clothing

Chi Guy Clothing places the independent artist and their fans first! We walk each artist through a custom design built to incorporate their brand, business and fans. Once your design is approved by you, we put it into production with your specifications. After production we ship directly to you, however we don’t leave you hanging there! We will then send out an email blast to our extensive mailing list promoting your merchandise and list it for sale in our online store making it easier for your fans to buy directly from you! Contact us below for your custom order.

Nurses week t-shirts

We printed specialty shirts for nurses week. Thanks for all your hard work!

Juice World Shirt Front

Shawn wanted his favorite rapper on his shirt and we made it possible!

Juice world shirt back

Shawn wanted his favorite rapper on his shirt! He even helped design the back!

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